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Craftmanship and artistry.

So dreams become jewels.

Each creation of Laura Volpi is a summary of energy, originality, research and expert craftsmanship: in her jewels, but also in sculptures, reliefs or collages, the material is shaped through the creative elaboration of dreams, memories and symbols of childhood to be shaped in an object that expresses emotions and pure feeling.

A frequent source of inspiration for the artist is the liquid element, with its treasures and its creatures back to a regression almost amniotic shaping each piece with personal strength and strong recognition.

All works, limited edition and made by hand, form the confluence of different artistic experiences with one goal: to create uniqueness stopping in matter “that moment” that is told in airy and never closed forms, in the cracks where the light can get, in the embrace ideal combining the metal with the precious stone, shell or fossil. Laura Volpi choose to lower gold and silver, precious items, getting them matt and furrowed, and instead attributed to bronze and brass new dignity that stands in the complexity of the artistic process. The creations come to life with skill and craftsmanship through the ancient technique of lost wax casting.


Laura Volpi

Laura Volpi, goldsmith sculptor, was born in Milan in 1969.

After graduating in scenography achieved the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera decided to address herself to gold sculptural and attended specialized courses in Italy with Arnaldo Pomodoro and Davide De Paoli, then in London at the Slade School of Fine Art. She opens her first workshop in 1993, experimenting with materials and techniques that allow her to develop new concepts of “jewel” and the following years she gives vent to his curiosity to seek unusual stylistic languages and create innovative forms. In 2000 she moved to Salerno and, inaugurating the exhibition laboratory “Arché”, undertakes important new projects that allow her to get into the cultural and artistic life of the city.

Laura Volpi takes part in many exhibitions and exhibitions of jewellery and sculpture jewelry, personal and collective national and international level; often she forms relationships with the fashion’s world. She currently works and exhibits her creations in many showrooms, galleries and jewelry stores throughout Italy.

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