Laura Volpi Gioielli


Laura Volpi e  Côme Touvay


Laura Volpi, jewelery designer, and Côme Touvay, French textile designer, present a new jewel idea: The Duetto Bracelet a silver and textil connection. It is the first gem of a new collection born of the collaboration between the two artists and where their skills and common inspiration come together: a creative duet. Laura Volpi sculpts silver items: individual pieces that evoke a rhythm and together create a shape. Côme Touvay ties these elements between them and stops them in the fabric, integrating into the texture the sense of movement given by the single elements inspired by the frames at Eadweard Muybridge.


Côme Touvay – Designer tessile

Côme Touvay is creating fabrics for both the fashion and the decoration world. He can supervise the production process at an artisan as well at an industrial level. He owns several looms, allowing him to do research and to experiment a direct contact with the matter, thus making weaving an all-round expressive experience. His textile researches are explorations in quest of new technical and aesthetic potentialities; his collaborations are always seen as a chance to discover new weaving modes, a further challenge to his creative approach.
He develops in the first place a poetic vision, whose essence is made of structure, stuff and colour, allowing a perception and a language which serve as a bridge between appearance and concealment.